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Where can you look for your Czech ancestors online?

If you started looking for your family’s secrets by yourself, we are sure that the Internet has become your primary source. More and more registers of vital records and other archives have been digitalized and published online, which makes it possible to track your ancestors’ footsteps. Experienced researchers probably know most of the links by heart, but we have made a short and transparent list of links of basic digitalized sources for the beginners.

A basic source of archives available online are websites or special portals of regional archives. For Bohemia, it is State Regional Archives in Prague, Litomerice, Pilsen, Trebon and Zamrsk. For Moravia, it is Moravian Provincial Archive in Brno and Provincial Archive in Opava. Every archive offers digitalized registers of vital records (unfortunately not all of them are available yet), some archives offer even other materials like land and farm register books, censuses etc.

  • On the website of Prague City Archives, you will find registers of vital records and other materials concerning our capital.
  • In the SOA Praha online app, there are registers of vital records from Central Bohemian Region.
  • Website Porta fontium run by State Regional Archive in Pilsen contains registers of vital records from West Bohemian Region, that is Pilsen and Karlovy Vary region.
  • Registers of vital records from South Bohemian Region can be found on the website of State Regional Archive in Trebon.
  • State Regional Archive in Litomerice published registers of vital records from Liberec Region and Usti Region on their website.
  • The last archive for Bohemia is the State Regional Archive in Zamrsk that takes care of registers of vital records from Hradec Kralove Region, Pardubice Region and former Havlickuv Brod District.
  • The whole Moravia belongs to two regional archives. A wide range of digitalized archive sources can be found in Provincial Archive in Opava. Here you can find registers of vital records online as well as other materials about Olomouc Region and Moravian-Silesian Region.
  • A number of sources has also been digitalized by Moravian Provincial Archive in Brno. Registers of vital records for South Moravian, Zlin and Vysocina Regions (except Havlickuv Brod District) can be found on the Acta publica Land registers and Moravian and Silesian urbaria are also available online. Census records from Brno can be found on a separate website of Digital Archive.

However, even though many materials have already been digitalized, some of them can’t be found on archives’ websites yet. We recommend that you visit FamilySearch, a website with not only registers of vital records but also land register books and censuses. In order to keep up with the development about digitalized and newly published materials, follow the news of individual regional archives.

One more thing. If you have ancestors of Jewish origin, you need to take a look into Jewish registers of vital records on


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