Price of Czech Genealogy Research

We don’t charge per hour when creating a family tree. Our clients pay only for what they really get – that is, the actual outcome of our work.

BASIC family tree

The basis for the price of a BASIC family tree is the number of records about your ancestors that we can find and process. The overall price of a family tree is the sum of payments for these records. Therefore, it depends on the extent of the family tree and on whether you want to look for one family lineage, a combination of more or a whole ahnentafel.

PREMIUM family tree

The price of a PREMIUM family history is set as the sum of BASIC family tree´s price and a fee for creating a family book with detailed descriptions of your ancestors’ lives and the places and eras they lived in. The price of the book is set individually, but it depends on the overall extent of the family tree and the results achieved, too.

We also set a price ceiling for creating your family tree. When we reach the ceiling, we will continue the search only with your approval.

Travel and administrative costs

We sometimes need to visit an archive or a Office of Vital Records in the Czech Republic. In these cases, administrative and travel costs are added to the price of the family tree. But we naturally discuss it with you and you approve the trip in advance.

Statements and payments

When we sign the order and before we start working, we will issue you an advance invoice in the amount of 30% of the amount agreed. You will pay us the rest when we finish the work based on the final statement (depending on the number of records actually found and pursued).

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We are located in the Czech Republic, but we have no problem taking care of our foreign customers via e-mail or Skype.

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