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Top 7 online sources for Czech genealogy research

If you want to look for your Czech ancestors, Internet will probably become your best friend. Lot of materials from Czech archives have already been digitalized. But what to look for and where? This list of links should guide you in your research.

#1: Vital Records

The most crucial source of information are vital records (mostly church books). You can find part of them on FamilySearch or on Czech archives´ websites. Read our article for detailed info and further guidance: www.myczechancestors.com/czech-ancestors-online

#2: Census Reports

Census reports could have detailed information about your ancestors from years 1857-1921. Like it is with vital records, you can find part of them on FamilySearch and some others on websites of Czech archives. Read our article about Czech census records to learn more: www.myczechancestors.com/czech-census-online

Czech Census
Czech Census

#3: Land Register Books

You can learn more about your ancestors´ wealth and their properties in land register books. The newer ones are still at Land Registry Office, but you can find part of the older ones online. Once again, you can look for them on FamilySearch and on Czech archive´s website. We brought you detailed information in our article: www.myczechancestors.com/czech-land-register-books-online

#4: Immigration Records

If you want to learn more about your ancestors´ journey from Bohemia, Moravia or Silesia to their new homeland, you should look for their immigration records and ship manifests. Read more about them here: www.myczechancestors.com/czech-passengers-lists

Civil records
Vital records

#5: Military Records

You can find more information about your ancestors´ military service from several sources, especially if they fought in WWI or WWII. You can try following links:

#6: Old maps

Do you want to know how the places of your origin looked like? For less detailed old maps try www.mapire.eu. If you want to look for particular house, try https://archivnimapy.cuzk.cz/uazk/pohledy/archiv.html. Read more about how to search where did house of your ancestors stand in our article here: www.myczechancestors.com/czech-stable-cadastre

Old map

#7: Old books and newspapers

A lot of old Czech newspapers and books were already digitalized and published online. If you´re lucky, you can find more interesting information about your ancestors´ lives there. The most comprehensive sources are:

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